partypoker ambassador

Believe it or not, but I’ve been chosen by the best poker events provider in the world!


If I would want to be an Ambassador again, PartyPoker was my absolute only choice. I’m very happy and proud to be part of PartyPoker and I look forward to being part of this new era with partypoker.

Due to circumstances and evolution in the poker world it became almost a dictatorship. But now I see online poker providers cathing up. In my opinion PartyPoker is the best poker provider in the world right now. With lots of live events and great prize pools Partyypoker is back! Stronger and bigger than ever both live as online.

My personal attitude to poker has always remained the same. Poker must be fair and fun to everyone. That’s the reason I’m so happy with my new role as PartyPoker Ambassador, because that’s what they’re pursuing under the leadership of John Duthie, Mike Sexton and Rob Yong.

Therefore I find it very cool to continue my dream. Play poker, talking about poker, travel a lot and enjoy all the things that comes with it.

I would like to thank everyone in the poker community for the support that I have received. Certainly if you see with who I can measure myself with in the PartyPoker team.

Therefore, I hope to be able to accomplish many things for poker in general. As with PartyPoker, it must be fair to everyone and everyone should have a lot of fun playing the game we all love. These 2 things are always the most important for me.

In the coming weeks I will be playing the WSOP and I will publice some updates on my social media channels. Let’s hope with some good news and big cashes.

Finally, I would like to say that the Flying Dutchman Community is growing. Both beginners and advanced players are becoming members of the community. In the mean time I have been able to make many players happy with various competitions. The Flying Dutchman Community can be found here.

Thank you all for your support and see you at the tables!