Dear members,

I started the Flying Dutchman Community to connect poker players from all over the world and let them talk and discuss about poker related content. Every single member has the opportunity to ask questions or take part in a discussion. The most important thing is that everyone can join the community and should feel safe en confident to take part in a discussion. To accomplish the above I have set up some house rules for the community:


1. The community should be a safe place for every member and everyone should be able to ask their questions there

2. Try to help each other out and contribute to a positive atmosphere in the community. Negative reactions that do not contribute to positive atmosphere are not being appreciated by the community.

3. Messages about rigged online poker software are not being appreciated by the community

4. Feel free to place screen shots or messages about a remarkable hand or situation, but please avoid posting a large number of bad beat situations in poker. Bad beats are a small part of the game and the community doesn’t appreciate seeing these kinds of situations on a regularly basis.

5. Placing announcements of local (illegal) poker tournaments is not permitted

6. If you have a question, complaint or idea about partypoker, the community or another matter. Please contact me through Facebook chat or by e-mail ( before starting discussion on Facebook. Your question will be answered as fast as possible and try to find the best solution for you specific matter.

My goal is to build up a nice community where people can talk and discuss about the game of poker that we all love.

I’m sure that I can count on your support!


Kind regards,

Marcel Luske || The Flying Dutchman