Leaderboard informatie

Het Dutch player of the Month leaderboard is positief ontvangen en inmiddels zit de testmaand januari erop. Ik heb van forumleden enkele nuttige tips ontvangen en deze zijn verwerkt in het nieuwe leaderboard van februari 2017.

3 leaderboards

Vanaf februari introduceer ik 3 leaderboards zodat alle spelers kans maken op een leuke beloning. Om alle spelers tegemoet te komen is er onderscheid gemaakt in de leaderboards LOW ($1 – $5,49), MEDIUM ($5,50 – $21,99) en HIGH ($22 – $55). Per speler tellen de 20 beste resultaten mee per leaderboard per maand.De top 5 van ieder leaderboard ontvangt de volgende beloningen: 1.$200  2.$100  3.$50  4.$50  5.$50

Live Package in februari

De winnaars van de leaderboards LOW, MEDIUM en HIGH van februari maken kans op deelname aan een LIVE toernooi in het Dusk Till Dawn casino in Nottingham! Dit toernooi vindt plaats in maart en in overleg kan de winnaar met mij de data van een pokerweekend afstemmen. De winnaars die hun 1e plaats claimen maken kans op deze extra beloning!

Sunday Bounty

Speel je mee in de Sunday Bounty, dan ontvang je DUBBELE PUNTEN voor het HIGH leaderboard! De $22 Sunday Bounty vindt elke zondag om 20:00 plaats op PartyPoker en tijdens iedere editie ben ik of een vriend van het forum de bounty.

Beloningen claimen

Ben jij een van de winnaars van het leaderboard in februari? Claim dan gemakkelijk jouw beloning door een e-mail te sturen aan info@marcelluske.com  met jouw echte naam, PartyPoker gebruikersnaam en e-mailadres.


Check snel het leaderboard van februari!

The Flying Dutchman Facebook Community

In 2016 heb ik een Facebook groep opgericht voor alle Nederlandse pokerspelers. In deze groep zijn allemaal speciale acties die ik weet te bewerkstelligen voor de Nederlandse spelers met mooie bonussen en leuke pokerreizen die gewonnen kunnen worden. Victor Klinkvis uit Leeuwarden won bijvoorbeeld een poker droomreis naar de Dominicaanse Republiek!

Daarnaast wordt wekelijks op zondag de Sunday Bounty gespeeld, waarbij ik of een vriend van het forum de ‘bounty speler’ is. Schakel je de bounty speler uit, dan ontvang je een bounty van $250 toernooidollars op PartyPoker!

De Facebook Community is toegankelijk voor iedereen. Wil je lid worden? Meld je aan via onderstaande link.


Bekijk hier de Flying Dutchman Community

Be A Bounty

B playing A BOUNTY ( up to ) 500$: I was dead $ till online-rules being corrected by PP-DTD;)

Playing so many years in the Poker-industry Fun becomes more important than $, Fun is the magic tool of living life for me & winnings are not making a living towards complete satisfaction, but more a babystep moment only.

It took me a while to find the synergy between being on the road & enjoy being home, still grave for the challenge of playing,so online play the option.

But where is the Fun, the social feel and the feel of enjoyment that I was looking for that used to be there within both ?

After taking it a bit more easy and playing less poker for 12 months I did still had the pleasure of some winnings between,playing the back to back P L O event at DTD Nottingham in the UK & play the team events in Tangier, or WPT National HC Valkenburg , WPT Amsterdam, and other side or cash-events in these great livescheduled invirements.

I made up my mind start mixing my lifestyle, take a bite of live and online play.

This also because I did make the agreement during the WSOP 2014 to start streaming Poker with the Twitch(TV) management.

I did celebrated with Mr. Scott Ball his B D at that time, who was working for Razor (and became Twitch Poker-management after that night) while eating sushi first.

After we went over to Twitch gaming Party, had a great evening meeting all those Champion gamers & Twitch Board-management discussing a future plan,to change the landscape of poker worldwide with streaming it ongoing.

It took of great as it turned out for us&me streaming for some days as try out.

https://www.twitch.tv/marcelluske & for Scott start running the Poker part of this Twitch live streaming poker project than after officially was even better.

I already had build a gamer-poker site with my son Ken, while working with Scott during his Razer period cause my son did stream WOW, Hearthstone, Leuqe Of Legends, http://elitist-club.com/ still running silently with streamers.

Scott did a great Job&so did Jason S help making poker and its live stream great!

Now the poker players & Industry streams any & all nicely so thank you;)

I had to let go for a bit because of surprised unforeseen circumstances, so I took that curve first, spending time on (private & other urgent) important matter(s).

Its handled & in the here&now we might enjoy a great showdown soon.

So I will stream & have specially 4 the Dutch & a up to 500$ Sunday Night Bounty in a 22$ event & have Fun while playing more poker in the Daily Contender;)

To play with me alongside in these events please use this link. (Click the image below)

So if you like to join me in the Sunday Night Bounty ( up to ) 500$ give away package event, then try to Knock me Out,

or/and play the Contender22 getting the 2e ticket for FREE if you are a new sign up.

The Bounty ( up to ) 500$ package For Dutch & the Contender22 extra FREE 2e ticket that can be used instant on the 2e contender you play in ( for new sign ups )!

They are both being played out at the same streaming-time and also scheduled on http://marcelluske.com/

The ROI $ odds are in players favor big time like many GTD events on PP!

I learned the real meaning of ROI by Visiting & playing live at DTD Nottingham & calculated the Guarantees they lived up to as they weir playing by Int. Rules during the series to stay on top of Quality&Deliverence.

I can recommand this to any Poker-player to try play these events as well at some time as they are stressless poker and have many times big overlay;)

So GL when you play anywhere or join & follow me in this renewed adventure I follow up while playing Poker, to get there its only a 45 minute flight away. http://www.dusktilldawncasinonottingham.com/

BTW:Promisses have being lived up to sinse DTD Casino Nottingham have opened its doors 10 yrs ago “because the management are (just very honest ) Poker-Players”;)

UKIPT And The DTD Nottingham Series

UKIPT & the DTD Nottingham series lately:
After being adopted in the Dusk Till Dawn family in Nottingham I had another great stay and played for 9 days the UKIPT series that was offered this time.
Dusk till dawn stands for Quality poker events at all levels and actually always giving back GTD try to do the impossible for the players at first at all times.
My friend(s) Simon & Rob to name as sample are in charge of it and under positive pressure not afraid to lose money on the GTD but enjoy the satisfaction of making it better and better by raising the bar ongoing.
Players are coming from all over the world to visit, play, eat and drink and know they will have a great time and always a listening ear to accommodate any wish if possible.
Lately I play to enjoy the game and circumstances as the hospitality first more than to win, and this is the best place then to do so, offering ongoing great variety of events with GTD so no player or visitor will be left out .
But sometimes during the game I change my mind as was happening at the small side event Omaha that had 47 runners. I wanted to win this more than ever, even knocked out at FT Mr Simon Aces Trumper in a 3 way pot ,while having great Fun.
The many offered satellites with GTD of many tickets for the scheduled events are amazing and nearly always had extra value( overlay) so have being great to compete in, I figured out it was like 2 changes for 1 payment according the value of how many runners present in the place that was packed, but sometimes events overlapped each other nicely and gave great value opportunity for the players and never a moment of waiting for cards, as they have being in the air ongoing.
Of course it was a sad day between and going to any funeral will be but that was even perfectly arranged with support of DTD and many Poker players that showed up and gave David Uliott (RIP ) and his family the respect he deserves.
Even the message to laugh and enjoy, party eat and drink and make sure we enjoy every moment in our lives while we are present was given along side with 2 songs of The Fish himself play the piano and after the guitar.
The poker world have lost an Icon, a Legend but he was more, way more, for many and although it was a very sad day, with great respect those who knew him a bit better know he was unique and no other can take that place he has achieved in the hearts of millions of us. ( R I P David ). Thanks again for all those moments of laughter’s and one liners, surprises and schoolings, over the many years we have known you.

After that we did need to get back into the saddle of Poker,DTD and the stories during the way back from Hull to Nottingham slowly but study have being archived to great memories on him with all of us eventually.
He will never being forgotten and lives in all our hearts forever, thats for sure!

Now it is going to be very exiting towards pending projects I,m working on:
WPT Amsterdam
WSOP coming up
New registration system that blows you away soon;) ©.
Working with new people..
Gaming commissions…
Twitch streaming after the WSOP consistent as was started with me and Scott Bal and Jason last year,… yes we weir the one s ,… we created with the twitch management that deal to do so;) as I worked with Scott bal at Razer..;) at that time.
Brought attention to Europe for gamers with http://elitist-club.com/ and so created my own radio show connecting the dots for gamers with Poker.
Happy to see they all woke up now and are jumping on it…lets have some more entertainment and info about Poker, and having Fun at the same time and share this the easy way from home or on the go.;)
Yes I was there, present and did do the eating on Scotts BD in Las Vegas before we went to the Twitch Party, talking with Twitch management en gamers drink some beers or champagne, meet the gaming nerds, fantastic people that are unique each one of them in the level they think and played..I had a great time meeting up with those from another planet, the management, the owners, though Gamers..the nicest but determent people I have seen in my live,,,
You watch this Twitch as I did mention last year already to many,..it will take over and many players will start streaming, as I do as well with Twitch here,..and soon consistent taking Qs but making sure we have FUN first.
To learn the odds or other boring Qs we can use the calculator;) in other words, having FUN is the goal and learning while just do that the bonus.

Let’s see soon how it all will come together and don’t forget to enjoy all and any moment of whatever u like to do, I’m sure we will meet again soon at the table or on my Twich channel and then either way the drinks are on the house..;)

Thanks again for the great hospitality given by DTD Nottingham as always..
Ill B back..;) wish U all GL …………………..Marcel luske

The Fight Against Fraud In The Poker Industry

Former PokerStars Team Pro, Marcel Luske, intends to tighten up security in the poker industry and will use his new company Fortified-ID Holdings limited and their nonClonableID product to achieve their goal.

ink there is no fraud in the poker industry? R U 100% sure?”

Those are the words painted onto the Facebook wall of Marcel Luske.

Fortunately, for the Flying Dutchman the overwhelming answer from the poker community will be “Yes, Marcel, we are 100% sure that there is fraud in the poker industry.”

Sad, but true.

Since being dropped by his long-term sponsor, PokerStars, Luske has found plenty of time to continue his work to create nonClonableID technology to help improve security for online and live poker tournaments and cash games.

Whether it’s Finnish players having their laptops tampered with in Catalan hotel rooms; Danish players having Trojan horses fitted into theirs, or idiots trying to inject hundreds of thousands of fake chips into a live tournament and then trying to flush them down the toilet. The counterfeit industry is a big one.

Luske is the CEO of a company called Fortified-ID Holdings Limited and this is what they have to say about the impact the counterfeit industry is having on our global economy.

• The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development stated that the value of counterfeit goods, that crossed international borders, in 2007, was over $250 billion.

• The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) estimates that counterfeit goods were worth $650 billion in 2008.

• By the end of this year the ICC believes that number to exceed $1.7 trillion. That equates to over 2% of the world’s total economic output.

That’s a burgeoning market, and Luske and his team at Fortified-ID Holdings Limited have stepped in with what they believe to be one of the most secure anti-counterfeit products on the market. They call it NonClonableID.

Are you already getting annoyed thinking about the mile long queues that will greet you at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) registration cage? NonClonableID can help solve that. Are you worried about making electronic payments via online vendors? NonClonableID can solve that. Are you worried about the security of your money sitting in your online poker account? NonClonableID can solve that.

This is the stuff of Sheldon Adelson’s nightmares, because if introduced, it would also stop any under-age gamblers gaining access to your online bankroll and blowing your pension plan at the poker table.

The technology works by using naturally disordered microstructured and nanostructured composite materials to create a label or a tag with its own ‘unique fingerprint’. No two fingerprints are ever the same and they can be applied to personalized ID cards that can be used in independent businesses such as online poker rooms.

How and when this technology will creep into poker, only Marcel Luske and his team at Fortified-ID Holdings Limited have the answers. In the meantime check out the site for yourself.

Poker A Game Of Skill

Many times in those many years I play globally I have being ask this Question: Is Poker Skill?

& starting with the knowledge that to be who we are we had no influence on getting born, Luck plays a factor in everyone live and that’s indisputable!

Now let’s speak about poker and brainstorm through some facts.

In any game you do play or have fun with and have input on the outcome it shows Instant and direct the association with Skill.

So the more actions and decisions a person have to take during a game that is defined in many parts, the more skillful the level to be is requested,

Even a monkey can move all in with any 2 cards and win or loose, so that is not the point.

But to make constant new decisions based on circumstances that are different all the time creates multiple choices and various strategies that are coming along with that.

Terms like semi bluffing is based on Skill.

Terms like under the gun (UTG) is based on Skill.

Expressions as : I had only 11 BB left so moved like that etc is based on Skill and any other exploitation right or wrong is!

It depends on how correct that person is if the decision was correct according the math behind it if that was a correct move or not, but it is proven again that there is a teory behind any move, even when players move in blind!

That is a lott different with throwing arrows and making 180, like Dart is showing on TV lately and proven without any doubt a game of Skill.

Different laws show different qualifications to be placed under that category and so the Duch law have always being: if the majority of players don’t know what they are doing then it is a game of LUCK!

I say… R U Kidding me…

U mean to say that I can just bring 10 people who never played Dart in their lives to play with Mr V Gerwen or mr. Barneveld and so make it a game of LUCK, because they R the majority at that moment>

How can a basic game of Skill being under influence of how many are playing skillful enough and isn’t that very 2faced to do so?

Where is that fine line where you cross the game into Skill if so..

Isn’t it so that we do have starters, amateurs , semi pros and pros based on how skillful they are, depending on how much they practice and try to get better by doing that ?

Anything you do in life that needs practicing to get better must have that skill factor otherwise the outcome suppose to be the same for all and any who would try and the outcome random.
Poker is not depending on we like it or not, is it for fun or fun & money, it is a card-game that have a big factor of skill, and by playing many and the more hands you do, shows the better and best players at the top.

So will show eventually in any ranking that is done correctly.

You can NOT rank a player the same that played 500 events a year the same as the one who played 50.

So the Ranking that is in place is NOT correct or useful to be measured by, but give s a great indication that those who do play every week/day and the more they can and will do make results cause they play more and therefore have better chances to make results, ( even when it was a lottery).

But those who really play the same amount and the same events for over a longer period of time would be a great comparing to the reality,. ( at first).

Poker is to complicated if it is played well by those who play ongoing, the most and into the smallest detail, it then will show that the smallest miscalculation can and will influence the outcome drastically and winners are those who are making the most correct decisions out of the complexes various requested one s that are appearing in the game they play, depending on the many factors at that time that are given as information, playing the key element in that particular decision they have to make.

To keep it in simple words.

If you sit in seat 1 or 10.. know the rules they play by & have brought in place at first:

As it can be offered in many places with different rules, so I suggest and wrote the www.fidpa.com int. Poker rules to create that basics to have consistencies and fairness at first.

Have chip lead or are low stack, in a tournament or other game with friends, playing for a title or for money, need to make the money or will go for a bracelet, like to have fun or become the word champion, know the calculated % or just give it a try, have practiced a lot or have no idea, know yr opponents or don’t care,.. are just a couple of examples that needs to be considered to know who and why this decision , Right or wrong was made and based on.

How do you mean: Asking is poker a game of Skill?

I just try to give you one example that makes a blindfolded world champion Dart-player transformed into a gambler..so circumstances are important in both examples yes..

Poker is A game of the highest skill.. but like with football, defined in categories,,

Even on Saturday afternoon when the lowest division plays and drinks a beer after the game … The Game is still football, A Game of SKILL !

The amount of players world-wide have shown a big difference between the pros and the recreational players, just look and find the statistics from the winners we know about and the rest that clearly is super recreational trying now and then to join and go for that target they have in mind.. knowing they just give it a try, hope to get as deep at best they can challenging the best and better players to confirm again and again the outcome we have.

We have just start again this Dutch Amateur competition again to look for the new Dutch upcoming World champion , after they try to be the Dutch best Amateur first:

Thanks for the Question that needs to be addressed as much as possible, so ignorance can make place for respect asap.

Poker regards & may the best player win, C U at the table s

(TFD) Marcel Luske

Safeguard the players

It’s easy to safeguard the players, go to http://www.fortified-id.com


It’s simple, protects against fraud and hacking on and offline, a matter of a few cents investment per player.
and the only NON-Clonable system in the world,
Thats the minimum any player should expect to get from the provider, guarantee his or her safety.

Ask for it!

Futuring Marcel Luske

Futuring Marcel Luske


Final Table WPT Valkenburg

Live stream Final Table WPT Valkenburg ..cracked AA;( 😉


Tangier at the coast of Morocco

Traveling  is a part of the fun when you play poker events globally,

This next trip goes to Morocco, Tangier at the coast of Morocco, Marriott beach Hotel!

From Home to home it feels like:

I have being 2 times already in this https://www.facebook.com/TangerPokerClub at the Marriott hotel, and the offer is too nice to let pass and so I decided to join again.(Dutch as I, am 😉 )

It is a simple travel from about 2,5 hrs. from Europe to be in sunny magical Africa.

There we have still many players as I could see that are trying to be very creative with the smaller kickers and danglers so ill guess there is space enough for a paid holiday while coloring up for many players that dare to travel;)

Since I find out that in live games you can only play at one table at the time I like to pick a table at a nice sunny place that looks and feel good, gives me great value and at the same time enjoyment gtd.

It’s great to watch television and be in those events that are televised and bracelet creators but at the end of the day the time to enjoy is here and now, This is the moment and ones you are on the table, it’s all about enjoyment and what games you enjoy better than those that you can beat easily..;)

This is the universe we live and move in, and we are all part of that, so I go with the flow, the feel good from the heart instead of the must that hangs around many of us that want to rise and shine to look good only.

For me the feeling of being respected and welcome is important, very important.

I think ones you go to Tangier to join, play and be present at the spot, it is effortless, no stress, no pushing, hurry or must,, just relax, play, eat something, drink something and play between very friendly people in the game we love most, while laughing our heads off so the way it should be.


If,,,I say IF,, I will open a Poker/club in Holland,.. it would have that Tangiers-family-ambiance and will be for having fun only…as people and players know me for that so.

But for the moment I will visit some places I, have in mind first to complete the poker-circle again & going to Tangiers is coming insight now,.. U like to come over U click and call Leslie to book it.


Have a great time and C U there soon   GL at the tables 😉

Btw , they do play by the Int. Poker rules so they are consistent & fair  towards the players at first!